Dance Meets Hobbit Technology

I discovered this extraordinary film when it was featured as a Staff Pick on Vimeo. This work was created by The DMC Initiative, an Australian production company, in response to the 2011 A/NZ PromaxBDA Conference title of Future Proof.

From a dance perspective, it is hard not to get excited about way the dancers interact with the 3D computer graphics. This kind of technology really seems to open up limitless possibilities for setting dance in creative and imaginary settings. It would be remarkable to see a whole ballet or dance performance situated in this kind of fantastic world.

From the film’s description on Vimeo:

Directed by Nathan Drabsch, the performances were shot over one day using two RED Epic cameras, capturing the action at high speed. All design, editing and post production was done in-house by The DMCI team. We worked closely with composers and audio designers Mark Brandis & Jeff Black from ism studios, to create a unique score that perfectly compliments the performances.

I was interested to learn from Wikipedia that these RED Epic cameras were the same cameras used to shoot the Hobbit film series. So, when will this technology be coming to a dance company near you? If a hobbit can do it, why not a ballerina, or a Cirque du Soleil artist, for that matter?

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